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Our Purpose
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The purpose of IHPEA shall be to:

* Serve the professional employee interest of the nurses of Indiana Hopsital through collective bargaining, education, legislation and other group activities.

* Promote the best interests of Indiana Hopsital with the aim of providing high quality nursing services to the community.

* Promote professional unity between the nurses of Indiana Hospital and nurses throughout the Commonwealth through affiliation with and participation in the Health Care-PSEA Division.


The principles of the FNHP are as follows:

*Organizing, collective bargaining and legislative/political programs all support each other. Legislative victories and good contracts aid in organizing; organizing builds strength for better contracts and a strong voice in our state legislatures.

*The message is quality. We are not only fighting to protect and improve our jobs, working conditions and professional standards, we are fighting to protect the quality of patient care; we are fighting for a humane and fair health care system in America.

*We can accomplish our goals only with the active, committed involvement of our members.

Legislative Agenda 2000:

*Ban Mandatory Overtime
*Provide Whistleblower Protection for Health Care Workers
Safe Staffing: Staffing Ratios, Committees, Information Disclosure

All union members are covered by FNHP liability insurance. We are also entitled to all the benefits of AFT membership, including their buying programs. AFT/FNHP has an excellent web site. Check it out at: