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Judges Ruling Favors K.C. Nurses

Nurses trying to organize at Health Midwest won a key battle when a judge found that the company and several of its hospitals violated federal labor laws.


Nurse Shortage Turns Critical

"Many places aren't calling it mandatory overtime. They are using more subtle techniques," said Ernest C. Klein Jr., director of the Indiana State Nurses Association. "But it's still burning people out."

Address Nursing Shortage Before Its Too Late

"Real, as opposed to cosmetic, workplace change also requires giving nurses a much greater say in how care is delivered. They must be able to negotiate how many hours they work, how many patients they care for, how much care those patients receive, and how much continuing education they will need to cope with ever-changing technology and treatments."

Union News

Another CNA Contract Settlement

First contract settled in 6 months.

Victory for Youngstown Nurses!

RNs at Youngstown's Forum Health-Western Reserve Care system resoundingly approved a new three-year contract late Friday night with provisions to eliminate the dangerous practice of mandatory overtime. The approval ends the 81-day nurses' strike, which began May 1st when 771 RNs walked out of the hospital.